Masterpiece 2018 a success for Edward Barnsley Workshop

The Edward Barnsley Workshop at Masterpiece 2018

The Edward Barnsley Workshop is now a regular exhibitor at London’s Masterpiece and once again participated in this prestigious annual event at The Royal Hospital Chelsea which ran from 28th June – 4th July.

Masterpiece 2018, was launched in 2010 with a unique focus on cross-collecting. Over the past eight years, it  established itself as the leading international event for viewing and buying the finest works of art, from antiquity to the present day in the heart of London.

The Edward Barnsley Workshop, makers of bespoke furniture, have attended the Masterpiece exhibition since the beginning. This year they chose to display the “Repose Mk.III Rocking Chair”,  for the first time at Masterpiece.  Made of Hampshire oak  all of the chairs components, including the gouged finish, are worked by hand. The natural appearance of the oak has been subtly darkened by fuming and the leather-upholstered seat has contrasting stitching. The rocking chair has an ethereal quality as it appears to be organically moulded from a single piece of wood.

The “Repose Mk.II Rocking Chair” is one of a series of scrubbed, oak pieces, designed by James Ryan and made by Nathan Peach, with a finish that is chip-carved with a gouge; the sitter can touch and feel the tool marks left by the maker. The seat is hand woven with Danish cord.

Edward Barnsley’s Designer-Manager, James Ryan said: “With this chair. I have refined the curve and arrangement of the back bars to create a complex three-dimensional shape that makes it extremely comfortable. The sculptured silhouette and graceful curves of this rocking chair are easy on the eye and create a feeling of relaxation and repose.  As a designer, I love the feedback and interaction with the visitors coming to Masterpiece excited to see the exhibits.”